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New Lithium Polymer High Voltage Battery YT90207 25C 7.6V 3000mAh


Lithium Polymer Battery is now the world's most advanced secondary batteries, Lithium-Ion batteries have been gradually replaced. It is widely used, and become an integral part of people's working lives of essential supplies.

Recently, we created a new type of Lithium Polymer Battery- High Voltage, below is our typical model:


High Voltage Li-Poly Battery

Typical Model: YT90207

Continuous Discharge Rate: 25C

Nominal Voltage: 7.6V

Nominal Capacity: 3000mAh

Dimension: 23.5*45.8*134mm

Weight Approx: 165g

Here the feature for Lithium Polymer battery:

1. Good safety performance

Lithium polymer plastic flexible packaging uses in the structure, different from the liquid metal batteries, once safety problems occur, the liquid explosive batteries, and polymer batteries will only drums.

2. Ultra Light weight

Polymer Battery weight compared with the same specification steel capacity lithium 40% lighter, 20% lighter than aluminum battery.

3. Ultra thin

Ordinary liquid lithium using the first custom shell material after the Cypriot village of positive and negative ways, the thickness of 3.6mm or less do the technical bottleneck, this problem does not exist polymer batteries, the thickness of 1mm or less can be achieved, in line with current demand for mobile phones direction.

4.The internal resistance

Polymer batteries internal resistance than ordinary liquid electrically small core, the current domestic polymer batteries internal resistance of 35mΩ can do even less, greatly reduce the battery from the power and extend the standby time, can achieve with the international level. This support large discharge current Lithium Polymer is ideal for remote control model has become the most promising alternative to nickel-hydrogen battery products.

5.Large capacity

Higher Polymer Battery sizes of steel the same battery capacity of 10 to 15%, higher than the aluminum battery 5 to 10%, becoming the first choice for color mobile phones and multimedia phones, now available in new color screen and MMS handsets mostly adopt Polymer batteries.

6. Protection board design simple

Due to the use of polymer materials, batteries no fire, no explosion, batteries itself has adequate security, so polymer battery protection circuit design can be considered omitted PTC and fuse, thereby saving battery cost.

7. Good discharge characteristics

Polymer Battery using a gel electrolyte, compared to a liquid electrolyte, gel electrolyte having stable discharge characteristics and higher discharge plateau.

8. Shape can be designed

Polymer Battery can increase or decrease based on customer needs batteries thickness, the development of new types of batteries, cheap, open-cycle is short, and some can even be tailored according to the shape of the phone, in order to fully utilize the battery housing space, improve battery capacity.

And the main application as following:

*MP3/MP4, Bluetooth headsets, Digital camera, 

*Wireless mouse and other device

*Electric bicycle, Solar car, Golf trolley, Electric scooter

*Jump starter and power bank

*Video DVD, UPS,

*Cleaner, Gross cutter

*Electric wheel chair

*Medical and military use


*Wireless facilties

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