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Spard New Energy, one of the leading professional battery manufacturers in China, was established in 1992.


As a battery expert, we provide customers not only high quality cells and battery packs, but also the best battery solutions according to their products' design, helping customers save time for R&D and launch new products more quickly.


Our products have passed the product safety certifications of the United States UL, the European Union CE, Japan PSE, South Korea KC, and the international CB. At the same time, they have obtained ROHS environmental protection certification, UN38.3 certification and other certifications. Excellent quality, technological innovation is our everlasting principle.


Spard has partnerships with labs of famous universities. Our engineer teams continuously research and develop new products under the guidance support of electrochemistry professors. Powerful innovation is the motivity of our rapid development.


Higher energy density, thinner, safer, more flexible features allow our batteries to be applied in various lines, such as E-Mobility, Drone & UAV, Energy Storage, Motorcycle, Jump Starter, RC Toys & Hobbies, Power and Gargen Tools, Robot, E-cigarette etc.

Strong technical team

Spard is strong in scientific research and technology, and has jointly established professional R&D centers with domestic scientific research institutes and universities, and has a R&D team with many years of experience in the lithium battery industry. There are more than 30 R&D technicians, 90% of whom have master's or doctoral degrees, specializing in materials science, electrochemistry, automation, machinery, computer and other fields. At the same time, we also have our own product safety testing center. 

Strict quality management

Relying on the informationized and digitized product quality management system and product traceability system, Spard adopts fully enclosed clean workshop, advanced equipment, large-scale and automated production capacity, and various technologies precisely controlled by gatekeepers at all levels to improve the reliability of batteries. Safety and security, ensure the quality of the battery is stable, and provide customers with safe and reliable products. 

30 years of quality precipitation

Since the 1990s, Spard has experienced 30 years of quality precipitation, and has been focusing on the research and development and production of lithium batteries and supporting products. At present, it has an independent industrial park and several production lines, and the company has passed the SGS ISO9001:2005 certification. With two brands of SPARD and YUNTONG, the products are exported to Europe, America, Japan and other parts of the world. It has established long-term partnerships with many multinational companies and has won a good reputation in the global lithium battery field. 

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