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Due to the wide range of applications of batteries, each application industry has different needs, and the size of battery packs is also very different. For example, the size of battery packs for electric motorcycles and wearable devices is very different. This requires the customer to actively cooperate and give specific requirements, so that our engineers can design a suitable battery solution. The steps below show how to customize your battery.

Step  01

Basic requirements:

Battery application, battery type, maximum size, voltage, capacity

Conditions of use: maximum continuous discharge current, peak discharge current, discharge cut-off voltage, etc.

If there is a motor in the battery application device, the motor power needs to be provided.

Extended requirements (optional):
Special battery protection board (BMS) requirements: communication function (specific communication protocol), Bluetooth function, etc.
Special temperature requirements: ultra-high temperature working range, ultra-low temperature working range, etc.
Special weight requirements
Matching charger requirements: charging current, input voltage, etc.
Battery case: plastic case, metal case, etc.
Customize connectors
Special outer packaging
Other requirements

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