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Eurobike 2022

Eurobike 2022


Spard to exhibit at Eurobike 2022

From July 13th to 17th, 2022, the EUROBIKE 2022 exhibition with the theme of "Bicycle and the Future Mobile World" was held in Frankfurt, Germany as scheduled. As a professional lithium battery manufacturer, Spard exhibited at BOOTH H46, HALL 8.0.

In this exhibition, Spard focuses on the customization of the overall solution of electric bicycle batteries and the new portable power stations designed for outdoor cycling enthusiasts to meet the diverse needs of customers. Among them, the eye-catching lithium battery for electric bicycles has many advantages. Its high capacity can be as high as 187Wh to 1008Wh, which can meet the needs of batteries of various models. The Spard lithium batteries are equipped with an ISO13849 certified intelligent BMS, which greatly extends the battery life and greatly improves the safety. At the same time, the small size and light weight of the battery bring users a better experience.

Spard adheres to the high-end market positioning among the lithium battery manufacturers, and is widely recognized by customers in Europe. This exhibition stands out from many exhibitors and becomes the focus of the audience. It owns 2 brands SPARD and YUNTONG, and its products are exported to North America, Europe, Japan, Russia and other parts of the world. It has formed strategic partners with some of the world's top 500 companies, many multinational companies, and European and American listed companies.

During the exhibition, the popularity of Spard's booth has been unabated. After on-site observation and consultation, many customers have a deeper understanding and recognition of the Spard lithium battery, and also expressed strong cooperation intentions.

In addition to electric bicycle lithium batteries, Spard lithium batteries are widely used in automobile and motorcycle starting, power tools, drones, RC remote control models, robots, military equipment, medical equipment and other fields due to their light weight, high energy ratio and safety. 

Spard currently has a number of professional lithium battery production lines, and is still expanding its production. It is equipped with advanced testing equipment from Germany, the United States, and Japan, and a constant temperature, humidity, and dust-free production workshop to manufacture high-quality lithium batteries and supporting chargers.

In this exhibition, we would like to thank our customers and friends for their presence and support. Spard, a high-end electric mobility vehicle lithium battery manufacturer, is committed to creating more value for customers!

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