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Lithium Ion Battery

A lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery. Li-ion batteries have a high energy density, no memory effect and low self-discharge. There are 2 main types Li-ion battery: cylindrical battery pack and prismatic battery pack. 

18650 battery pack is a typical cylindrical battery pack. Spard manufactures not only 18650 single cells but also 18650 battery packs according to customer's specific demands. Our factory is certificated with ISO 9001, and batteries with UL, IEC62133, UN 38.3 and MSDS.

Here is the single cell of lithium ion battery list:

3.7V Li-ion battery cell list

Spard has the capability to custom design lithium ion battery packs to fit your product's specific demands. From 3.7v to 72v voltage, from 10mAh to 300Ah capacity, Spard can design green, safe and reliable solutions to meet your specifications.

There are many types of lithium ion batteries to suit different applications, such as the belows:

24v lithium marine battery

24 volt lithium ion battery for solar

hoverboard battery

skateboard battery

electric bike battery

robot vacuum battery

and so on...

Does the listed battery pack not fit your requirements? Please contact Spard and we will be happy to custom your lithium ion battery packs.

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