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Lithium Polymer Battery

The Lithium Polymer Battery is known by several names, most commonly as a Lipo, LiPo, LIP, Li-poly, Li Polymer and lithium-poly, but more appropriately as a lithium-ion polymer battery, or pouch cell.

Spard has the capability to custom design a lithium polymer battery pack to fit your product's specific demands. From small single-cell packs to large battery packs, Spard can design green, safe and reliable solutions to meet your specifications.

There are many types of lithium polymer batteries to suit different applications.

High rate discharge type, up to 100C discharge rate, suitable for remote control models, car jump start and others; 

Solid-state type, ultra-high energy density, up to 280Wh/kg, suitable for drones, wearable devices, etc.; 

Low temperature type, can work normally at minus 40 degrees, suitable for power communication equipment, railway sensors, etc.

The single cell of Lipo battery is 3.7V and we can assemble single cells in series and parallel to get higher voltage and more capacity.

3.7V standard size lipo battery cell list

3.8V high voltage lipo battery cell list

Feel free to contact Spard if you can't find the proper battery in our list. Spard can customize battery pack according to your demands.

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