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A Lithium Polymer (LiPo, LIP or Li-Poly) battery is a rechargeable battery that uses a soft polymer casing so that the Li-Ion battery inside is in a soft outer "pouch". It can also refer to lithium-ion batteries that use gel polymers as electrolytes. Lithium-polymer batteries are lighter and more flexible than other types of lithium-ion batteries because they have a soft outer casing that allows them to be used in mobile and other electronic devices, as well as in remote-controlled vehicles.

There are many types of Spard lithium polymer batteries to suit different applications, such as high rate discharge type, up to 100C discharge rate, suitable for remote control models, car jump start and other applications; solid-state type, ultra-high energy density, up to 280Wh/kg, suitable for drones, wearable products, etc.; low temperature type, can work normally at minus 40 degrees, suitable for power communication equipment, railway sensors, etc.

Feel free to contact Spard if you can't find the proper battery in our list. Spard can customize battery pack according to your demands.

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