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Spard UAV Battery Solution

Spard UAV Battery Solution


Spard UAV Battery Solution

The lithium battery packs and chargers we provide for the drone market meet very special requirements. They must be able to operate under extreme conditions while remaining stable and reliable at all times. The use of professional drones is generally in the fields of electricity, agriculture, surveying, and aerial photography.

Optimize flight time and payload

According to demand, the UAV battery developed by Spard has the maximum flight time or payload capacity; at the same time, the battery can be fully charged in the shortest time. Not only that, the drone battery also needs to design an excellent battery management system and distribute the weight to different positions of the drone to meet the needs of professional drones.

Long-term know-how

As an experienced drone battery designer and manufacturer, Spard has a deep understanding of the special requirements of drone battery products. We have 30 years of professional battery production experience, which enables us to deal with the major challenges of the drone industry.

Global access permit

For many countries, in order to enter the country's market, a series of certificates and approvals are required. This is the basic requirement that allows you to sell products in the country's market. Our products have complete certification and approval materials for entering the global market. 

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